Types of Services

Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy

You can discuss with Dr. Hecker what type of therapy would best meet your needs. 

Individual therapy.  Uncomfortable thoughts or feelings?  Wrestling with an important decision? Individual therapy can help you discern what direction to turn.  In individual therapy Dr. Hecker helps you connect with what matters to you, and take steps in your life in line with your beliefs and values.  Sometimes individuals set specific goals, other people come to therapy with less defined needs, and may even need help to figure out why they are feeling uncomfortable.  Once problems are defined, treatment goals and progress can be formed.  Your treatment will depend upon your presenting problem, goals, and wishes. 

Couple therapy.  Learn how to stop fighting and start connecting.  In couple therapy, each partner's underlying needs are identified.  Dr. Hecker uses Emotionally Focused Therapy and Gottman Method, which enable conflict to transform to connection. Premarital/remarital sessions are available using the Prepare/Enrich assessment method, whereby you get detailed assessment results of your relational strengths and growth areas, along with a workbook to enhance communication.    

Family therapy.   These days families have numerous demands placed upon them:  balancing work, school, and life can be exhausting and at times disconnecting.  Family therapy is geared toward resolving conflict and reconnecting family members. Child/teen behavior problems may be addressed in family therapy, or in a combination of individual and family sessions. Developmental shifts, losses, or trauma often require new skills or a renegotiating of relationships; family therapy can help move families into a new, more connected life. 

Play Therapy Also Available!

Children's language is play!  Adults use "talk" therapy, but kids communicate through play. Play therapy utilizes a child's own way to communicate in order to help children express themselves.  And yes, play can be therapeutic!