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Feeling anxious? Unsure of how to move forward or deal with feelings of uncertainty?

Many people feel lonely, isolated and at times disconnected from others and even themselves. I assist individuals and families connect with themselves, with others, and what really matters in life. I help people focus, recharge, and reconnect with what is important.  The result is a happier, less stressful, and more fulfilling life regardless of the  changes around us. 

Thank you for taking the first step in your process towards reconnecting with what matters to you! If you are here then you are ready to create a better life for yourself, or your family. I am happy to help.  

I have 30 years experience helping people change, and I also have been through significant personal challenges; I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk. Change can be excruciating and I know that, so I am able to support people and understand their fears and concerns, and help them move past them, fostering change. 

I believe that it is when we are able to have an environment where we can be who we truly are, we can reconnect with ourselves, evolve, and more fully connect with others.  I actively try to create this space for you. 

I also believe it is important to use evidenced-based therapies with my clients whenever possible; we want to use what has been shown to work with your specific problem.  

Therapy is an active process; I have heard many people say "my last therapist just kind of sat there."  We work together ; you are the expert on your life, I am the expert on change.  We put our heads together and help you (or you and your spouse/family) get to where you want to go!  



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